Thursday, July 31, 2014

Updated Workout Tips

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As you know I've been working out a lot lately. I work out for like 30 minutes or more each day. So in this post I wanna share my motivational tips. First thing that inspires me to work out is my new Yoga mat. It's cute and bright. And those little things like a mat, new, cute sporty clothes, cool music, motivational quotes on tumblr and WeHeartIt and all those models. Like seriously just find your favorite Victoria Secret model or something and put it on your lock screen cause that's the place you look at the most during a day. and it will work as a reminder for you. Oh, also all those free and paid apps on Appstore. it's like the whole universe is helping you. I know I already mentioned this in one of my previous posts but I have to repeat : Check out Blogilates channel on YouTube. She's amazing. Actually Cassie Ho inspires me a lot too. She explains everything and she does all those exercises with you and seriously guys, when you watch her videos it's like she's with you in the room It's like she sees what you're doing wrong and tells you right that moment. I love it. and as you work out you put a lot of effort, you feel a little pain and you start wanting to eat less as well. Blogilates channel has not only workout videos but also Diet recipes. So come on! It's summer! When are you gonna work out if not now? My personal favorite is abs work out. And It is not only about being fit but also being healthy.

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     It's especially important to work out in the mornings. You probably already knew that. you wonder why in the mornings? I'm gonna tell you right now. For example if you work out in the morning you may not accomplish anything that day but still feel accomplished cause you already ran like three miles, isn't that enough? In the mornings you feel fresh and later that day you may have something else to do, maybe you have some work to do or school may come in the way. Also you'll have a better hair day. If you wash your hair after the work out it will be clean and shiny, see? It's a win-win situation. Btw scientists suggest that you can burn more fat before your first meal. you burn 20 percent more body fat in the mornings. and in the mornings you'll probably have more energy while your workout. Morning workout will boost your endorphins for extra smiles the rest of the day.
Love you!

Monday, July 28, 2014

9 things I can’t stand

They were perfect.

1. I can’t stand when people chew loudly. It just drives me crazy. And I can't tell the person cause i don't wanna hurt them or idk make them feel awkward. So I either keep quiet and suffer or just walk out of the room whenever i get a chance to. I can't stand when people sit behind you in class and chew a gum in your ear. You can't avoid being rude when there is no way for you to just leave the classroom. 

2. When I fill the bath with hot water and soft, flower-smelling bubbles. get in, relax and realize that i have to pee. In that kind of situation you can not pee in the bath, obviously, so you have to get out, all wet, and sit on a toilet, get the toilet all wet... I think you got the point.

3.I hate when people are yelling at me to do something while I am doing exact same thing right that moment.
For example when mom is yelling at me to clean my room while I'M CLEANING MY ROOM.

4.That's kinda awkward to talk about.. but still - I hate when my grandma says something awkward to me (about me) in public. example: literally yesterday we were walking down the street with my grandmother and she says : 'Have you pooped today?' - and several guys pass by right when she says it!  God, we weren't even talking about something related to this question. just why? 

5.Guys who sag their pants. I think there is no explanation needed.

6.People who can't take a hint. Oh I have a lot of examples. there's this guy and I'm being rude, making him feel that i don't want that conversation going but he keeps sending me smiley faces. Like Who are you? An Alien? It literally goes like this:
Him: Hey Wasaap sister? 
Me: I just came home 
Him: Oh right so did you enjoy your day? Cause I did, I met my buddies Oh I wanna tell you about it Can i call?
Me: Nope, I told you, I just came
Him: Where did you come from?
Me: Went to buy groceries with my mom, I am VERY tired.
Him:Oh and I didn't sleep the whole night 
Me: duh, I'm gonna fall asleep right now, I'm sooo tired
Him:so can I call? 
this thing continues forever and believe me I failed with an example there's so much worse going on you guys.

7.When people say ' Life is short'. No, It's really not. It's the longest thing anybody does. What can you possibly do that's longer than life? 

8.When people comment 'follow for follow' or 'like my recent' on instagram. seriously is it only me? after that kind of comment there is no freaking way I'm gonna do it.
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9. You know what?  I hate that Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron Broke up! I know It's not trending anymore. and It's been forever ago and they have different people they are dating, well, at least Vanessa does but still such a cute couple! It's just very sad!
These are  things I can't stand. But you know what? I actually struggled with this list. because usually I don't notice those things. Because when you are happy or excited these things loose their importance. so try to do things that make you happy. and you'll stop noticing those little, unnecessary things that you dislike. 
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Beauty Hacks/Shoutout

    Hey Guys! First of all I'm very happy to say that I have a second real follower! (I know I sound like a total loser) Her name is Neri.  She writes a blog about her life. You should definitely check Neri's Blog  out! Thank you again Neri! I repeat that I'm going to give a shoutout to every person that follows me and comments on at least one of my posts. It probably means nothing to them but It's all i can do to show you guys how grateful I am.

     Now Let's get to the actual post.

 I've heard a lot of 'Beauty Hacks' from YouTube Videos and  just around the internet. With some of them I came up on my own. I chose the most interesting ones to include in this post. Enjoy

  • Lipstick on the teeth has plagued women for centuries. Nobody likes to smile and find out that they have red all along their pearly whites. A great way to avoid this is to simply wipe your lips from the inside out. After you finish applying your lipstick, just stick your finger in your mouth and pull it out. Remember making those “popping” noises when you were a kid? This is the same thing. Your finger will wipe away the excess lipstick and leave your teeth shiny white. 

  • You don’t have to wear false lashes to get that long, full look. You can achieve the same look by simply dipping a cotton swab into baby powder and running it across your lashes after you have applied a coat of mascara. Then just apply a second coat of mascara and it will adhere to the powder, giving your lashes a much longer and fuller look.
  • To make your lips look bigger and fuller just brush them with a toothbrush then apply your favorite lip balm.

  • When you want that bold winged look, it is important that you draw the lines and then color them in. Just draw in the wing at the outside corner of your eye and then use the same eye liner to fill it in. This not only helps you to get cleaner lines, it helps your wings to stay in place much longer. Click here to see the picture

  • If my manicure starts to chip, I layer glitter nail polish over it. It distracts the eye and hides most imperfections so you can go longer between manicures.

  • To fake a longer ponytail, I divide my hair into two ponytails: one with all of the hair above my ears and the other at the nape of my neck about three or four inches below it. The top ponytail falls over the bottom one, concealing the elastic, so it looks like one long, voluminous ponytail. to watch a tutorial click here

  • I use coconut oil to remove makeup: Just put a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe it over makeup to dissolve and whisk it away. 

  • The Business Card Mascara Trick is a classic. It’s effective, easy to master and will help to shield your eyelids from mascara smudges. All you need is a pencil, a pair of scissors, a business card (or index card) and your mascara!  Details

And my last one would be : Think positive, Worry less and Love everything and everyone. 

because - '  Every day might not be good but there's something good in every day. '

That's all. Thanks for reading. If you have your own 'beauty Hacks' Please let me know in the comment section. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014


       Hello guys, I'm finally back from my Vacation, as you probably know from my Instagram Pictures I was by the sea with my family.( I enjoy imagining that someone actually reads my blog so nvm. )
It was a lot of fun but unfortunately I hadn't had time to post. And I really try not to give up even though i only have 5 followers and 4 of them are actually my friends in real life. And btw I am really grateful to the fifth person
Her name is Jessie Quaynor she has a blog too I'll put the link at the end of this post.  and when I went to her blog I found out that we have the very similar taste in music. I am going to give a shoutout to every person who follows me,thank you - I really appreciate this.
Check out Jessie's Blog
Love you, Anne

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Words left unsaid

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    There are things that we regret we did in the past. Everybody has those things. What thought came to your head while reading the first sentence? yeah that's right... Some people regret doing or saying something to someone. Well, in my case : I regret not saying certain words to certain person. Words that I will never be able to say to that person ever again.
    You know, everybody has situations when they are confused and arguing about something with themselves. when you have a point and then you're like ' no but what if...' and you find that this point is not a solution of every problem. see? now I am talking about the whole other subject. but Okay let's see how it goes.
  Last night i had a statement in my head 'words should never stay unsaid'
but is that right? I mean you should always express your feelings, tell people what you feel but...
we all at least once in our lives liked someone and wished so badly that we were able to talk about our feelings in hope that this person feels the same, but we never dared. So, Let's consider this situation - you never know what's gonna happen maybe you're dying on your way back home and he feels the same, you still don't want to tell him? you see that's the point. but if we look at the situation in a different way there were a lot of examples when people did so, they talked about their feelings with that specific person and that words harmed them. and now they kinda regret saying those words. So this is a difficult subject so i guess you can't use this statement 'words should never stay unsaid' all the time.
  Well now Let's talk about the situation when this statement really comes in handy - Our family.
We often think that they live forever and we hardly ever imagine their death then trying to throw that thought out of our head. Well, if you think that describes you well- keep reading because if somebody ever told me those words i am gonna type on my keyboard right now, maybe I actually have thought about it  in the past and done things right. Eventually everything comes to it's end and nothing's eternal on this planet. and death comes unplanned it's not gonna warn you or give you a hint. All i am trying to say is - People you love are gonna leave when you don't expect it. and there is going to be a strong pain in your heart because you left some words unsaid. My grandma passed away 4 years ago and I loved her so much - but what can I say, i used to be a mean child , we often argued and now what i regret the most in my life is that I never told her I loved her. I mean i probably have but I wanted to tell her over and over again. Her last year was tough. she couldn't walk and we had a woman to take care after her. I went to her room really seldom. and when she died I was not even in the city. My parents always tell me she used to love me more than anything and I always cry because i was so ungrateful and i didn't appreciate her presence in my life. And I really hope that whole 'life after death' really exists because otherwise these words are meant to be left unsaid forever.

     I am sure you got the substance of this post but I want to tell you something before I finish. Whenever you have problems think about other people losing the ones  they love right that moment. because, I mean there are a lot of people on earth - 1.8 people die each second! and just forget about little things It's actually a sin to be depressed about them when there are a lot more serious things happening to other people. and mainly appreciate what you have and tell the people you love, your family what you feel about them more often. and not only tell them, do kind things to show them that these words are real and when you say - you really mean them. And simply go hug them right now.
 Thanks for reading

Monday, June 23, 2014

Favorite YouTuber of all times/ Shaytards


   So Now you look at the title and you are like: 'she already posted something like this.'
Shaytards - Wikitubia
Well, i did. but it was about YouTube Beauty gurus and now it's something different.
As Shay Carl himself says for most of the people, until they actually start watching the Shaytards, it sounds kinda weird that somebody watches videos of random family. Most of people are like : 'That's pointless, live your own life.' but in my opinion this family is worth watching and spent time on. Watching them is not pointless because you learn something. For example Shay - he wanted to lose weight and believe me there was a lot of weight to lose. He had this goal and he worked really hard to reach it and he never gave up.
I learnt many things about parenting and realized this is the relationship i want in my family. It's so real when you watch them it's like you're their family members. I have watched tons of vlogs on Youtube and had this feeling that people are faking their emotions but It's not like this here. It's so real that even though they post every day (except weekends) when the 20-30 minute Vlog ends you are like:  I want more. Their kids are awesome too. and I love how they talk about god. and their beliefs but at the same time they are not accusing people of other religions.
Untitled And these people are really strong. This family started in a small town they had no money when they moved to LA but Shay decided to quit his job because he didn't like it and his wife even though she didn't like this idea of filming videos and uploading them to the internet she still gave it a chance because she saw that's what made her husband feel happy. and It's a great thing if you can make money out of something you love.


 So that was my opinion and now Let's see what Wikipedia says.

Tumblr Shay Carl Butler was born on March 5, 1980, in Logan, Utah to Carl and Laurie Butler. At the age of four, the family moved toPhoenix, Arizona, where his father attended school for electrical engineering. After his father graduated, the family moved toPocatello, Idaho. After graduating from high school, Butler served a full-time, two year mission to BarbadosTrinidad and Guyana withThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He briefly attended Idaho State University, but dropped out to start working on his own. Prior to his activities on YouTube, Butler installed granite countertops for a living and worked as a school bus driver. He also worked as a radio DJ for Z103.
Daily Gifdump (10 gifs) -
Butler married Colette ("Katilette") in January 2003, and they have five children. His family is known as the "SHAYTARDS" and as "YouTube's first family". Shay is the oldest of four children and his siblings Casey, Carlie and Logan are all active in the YouTube community. In a March 2012 episode of Anderson Live, Butler stated his second youngest son Brock is "like the real-world Truman baby" because Brock has been recorded since minutes after his birth. His third child and second daughter, Emmi, was featured on the front cover of James Blunt's album Some Kind of Trouble. In October 2013 their fifth child, Daxton, was born.
Butler lost 112 lbs in the space of a year and subsequently ran three marathons, one of which he ran with motivational speaker Dave Ramsey, with whom he is good friends.Butler documented his weight loss journey on his "ShayLoss" channel.
BabiesButler became more popular on YouTube after Philip DeFranco had watched one of his videos and gave him a shout-out. The shout-out resulted in a rise of Butler's subscribers and also in a friendship between him and DeFranco. By working with other YouTubers atThe Station, Butler more than quadrupled his subscription base. Butler later joined the YouTube Partner Program and co-founded Maker Studios. In November 2009, he collaborated with Midi Mafia to create a flash mob at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. In 2009, Butler's "SHAYTARDS" channel won "Best YouTube Channel or Personality" atMashable's 3rd annual Open Web Awards. In 2013, the same channel was one of the nominees in the "Best Non-Fiction or Reality Series" category of the 3rd Streamy Awards. Butler and his wife, Colette, run a very popular podcast called "When the Kids Go to Sleep", where they interview YouTubers and celebrities such as Terry Crews andBas Rutten. In February 2013, actor Matt Damon made a guest appearance in one of Butler's vlogs after he and Damon had collaborated on a video to promote a Water.orgproject. Butler sometimes creates sponsored videos, in which he promotes brands or companies in exchange for financial benefits. Examples of such so-called "brand deals" he has made are with General Electric,Foot LockerKia and Skype.